Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I no longer blog here.

My new site: http://www.snowflakesncoffee.tumblr.com

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ugadhi 2010

Last tuesday was Ugadhi, a festival celebrated by Telegus all over the globe. For those who do not know who Telegus are, for starters, this is the language predominantly spoken in Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad, Vizag, Puttapathi etc) in India. Over the years, the natives of Andhra have travelled far and wide, some due to the British colonization and others to find a better life and ended up in all corners of the world.

This is me, a 4th generation Hyderabadi in Malaysia wishing all a Belated, "Ugadhi Subakanchalu"; meaning: Happy Ugadhi. ;)

I got up late, and decided on the spur of the moment that i was gonna go to temple coz i had my dance class in the evening. From then on i was on fast-forward till i went around 5 temples in Batu Caves, prayed, even managed to nab food from the offerings given (out of three pails of delicious rich food, i only manage to get one, ....but thats ok i guess considering the alt. Yikes). I managed to make it to office on time....ok no, i was 15 minutes late, but i brought sweets for everyone :)). In the afternoon, banana leaf rice with the colleagues and tea with the bf.

oooh and in conjuction with Ugadhi, i decided to go all Telugu-ish and order an Andhra Dosa for tea, BIG MISTAKE!

The Dosa has Chilli! like a whole layer of it...Imagine biting into cili-padi!!

And that was my 2010 Ugadhi celebration.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


So i've completed my undergraduate. I'm graduating in a months time and i'm already thinking and looking up Universities to do my Psy. D. Out of the many schools that participated in the Study USA fair (Le Meridian, Kuala Lumpur) only one, ONE had what i was looking for. Imagine my luck!

Next week there's a study in UK fair in KL Convention Center. I'll have to go check there as well when all i wanna do on a weekend is laze at home or disturb the boyf while he is hardworking-ly helping the family business :)

Even if i get a place there or anyway overseas for that matter, I'll still have to looks for sponsorships or assistance of some kind. :( Long way more, and I'm dearly hoping that the more i conceive it in my mind, and the more i want it, it'll materialize soon. Basically that's what Kiran the new girl at WAO told us (Di & Me) that we should do if we wanted anything. The LAW OF ATTRACTION she says.

So yes Kiran, i'm thinking about it alright every waking moment. Lets see what happens.

Hoping for the best,

On a more serious note, some guy from the Vet Dept suggested that we should eat stray dog meat to reduce the amount of strays.(WTH??!!) I'm not gonna even write what i think about that as i think that the three letters above is more than enough for a totally insensitive statement like that. and again, WTH?????!!!!!

Visit:http://www.mmail.com.my/content/30043-why-not-eat-dogs for more stories.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

22nd and still counting

more than a week after my birthday and the celebrations have just ended =)

March 1st: My 22nd year =) it felt just like any other day, and i thought this must be what it's like growing up. (and i didn't like it one bit!) the fact that my boyf. wasn't in town and my friends couldn't all make it for a meeting on that day didn't help either. But one teeny fact made the day so special.....and believe me when i say tiny,

he was actually close to tears when it was time to go back...awwww. he kept pestering the mom to come back with us. sweetnesss!

March 4th: The Narcissistic Indulgers outing =D. Good food in chillies, dessert in TGIF and the TGIF crew singing a song that i could'nt decipher what it meant. Always count on your friends to do things that you specifically tell them not to! haha...but it was fun and a different experience; what with blowing the candle from a feet away and getting coerced to sing and dance. this was followed by watchin American Idol in yuv's place and a late night chatter before sleepin :)

March 5th: The colleagues got me a cake, vegetarian carrot cake. So while the kids were going on and on with the birthday song (i swear they were on rerun-mode!), i dug into the cake =D

Just when i thought the celebrations were all over, and i would forever feel the pinch that i could not spend a day with the boyf for my first birthday since hooking up,

March 11: I was working till 10pm and thought it's gonna be just another night, bath, eat and sleep. and since i always talk to my boyf on my way back from work, he act said this, "drive slowly, i miss u. talk to me longer" as usual, being how very unsuspecting i am, i just took it as it is. i reached home and my mom was wearing jeans at 10.30pm. she managed to give an excuse and i bought it (i know, silly). and then as i stepped in, there he was, dozen of white roses and all. and all the friends and cousin. SUPRISE!!!!
i was so shocked that i was shaking and i din know how to react which act made me look like i wasn't surprised at all. haha....it was a nice night and everyone went back at 12 ish.

Finally, i can look back and say, i had a great 22nd. a bit spread out but nevertheless memorable =)

Friday, February 19, 2010


Happy POST chinese new year everyone!

My CNY plus Valentines was so awesome that i practically feel like i'm floating in the air! hahahaha!

These are what some ppl have to say about the latest turn of events.

Yuv: When are you going to get out of your luvstruck stage? (when i forgot that she turned 23 last month, and I act stayed over with her that very night)

Ahmed: jus coz u got a boyfriend doesnt mean u forget ur hypothetical ones..whats wrong with u??..lol..hw the hell have u been? i'm sure u r havin a ball of a time..filed with idealistic romance..lakeside lovemaking..lol..tell me all abt it.. (on me failing to IM him for almost a month)

My Uncle: You should have an in-built phone (on me always hanging on the phone)

My Aunt: It's an addiction i tell you! almost a disease (on me SMS's without looking at the phone + non stop)

My Dad: Yea laaa now you got someone you x layan me already (cause i din call him for a week)

My Mom: You just went on a date, why are you hanging on the phone with him? what DO you guys talk about? (on me being on the phone after getting back from a date)

Moral of the story: When people know you're in a relationship (after a long gap) everything you do (or in my case DON'T) becomes automatically BECAUSE you're dopey eyed and lovestruck.

In my defense,..... nevermind...forget it, it's a no-win argument :P
I guess i'll just have to outgrow the phase, till then BLAME IT ON LOVE people :D

p/s: I never thought lovestruck and me would go in the same sentence....till now ;)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Child Abduction

Read it: Two women lose babies despite legal custody


You get a black-and-white, court-certified, law-abiding document and still you're not guaranteed justice?

Seriously??!! what are we turning into? and What are the tax-payers tolerating? If you're paying for something, you are and should be entitled to optimum service. So the mother and grandmother have lost their children due to the negligence of certain parties. What next? Who's gonna pay the price? How is this going to be rectified? or IS IT going to be rectified?

More importantly, whose gonna be responsible for these mothers' plight?

Read up, Speak up and Wise up coz you could be the next Farah or Santhakumari.

Who knows?

just another Thaipusam

My first year NOT going to Batu Caves for Thaipusam. =(

But other than that, my grandma's knee op went fine. Yaay!!
She's now feeling lotsa pain on her operated knee and also needs to endure physiotherapy for god-knows-how-long. She's a pretty strong woman, my grandma. I know she'll be walking again in no time, but it's all the others that are worried.

Care-taker stress kicking in to all of them. Sigh!

**ok happy thoughts!**

My uncle is coming back from Qatar on Tuesday!! =D
And the boyf is going to see the mom on Monday. I'm a bundle of nerves though i don't show it. I really hope everything goes on fine.

NO! I'm not getting married, that'll be a good 7-9 years more. but for now, i'm having fun every day and i'm going to sleep with huge smiles plastered.

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